Wednesday, January 29, 2020

We've posted a Bot Framework Direct Line example to connect to Instant Chime queue (for help desk routing)

We are starting to encounter a lot of customers who are building bot framework bots, and would like to route the chat session to a service desk agent if their chat bot is not able to resolve the request.  

This is great use of Instant Chime and provides:
  • an area where Chime handles the routing to a service desk agent
  • tracks of the interactions with the service desk agents
  • routes the request using Microsoft Skype for Business, Microsoft Team, or the Chime web client
With our latest version of Instant Chime, we are using Microsoft Bot Framework as the primary inbound channel to our service desk queues.  We are also providing integration with Bot Framework using the Bot Framework Direct Line API.

So, customers with bots can either register their bots with Chime - and Chime will act as the first point of contact (say hello to the person requesting help) or customers can have their bot provide the initial response and then 'proxy' the chat conversation to Chime using Direct Line.

Here is a link to our first sample project that demonstrates how to use Microsoft Direct Line API to proxy a chat bot conversation to Instant Chime

Here are some screen shots of the latest Chime admin area where a customer could register their Bot Framework bots with Instant Chime - in this case, Chime can automatically call the customer's bot in front of a service desk queue: