Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Enterprise Click to Chat with Microsoft Teams

Do you need to expose Microsoft Teams to employees in order to connect directly with your service desk?

Is it important to provide an additional channel to your service desk using Microsoft Teams?

If so, we have recently updated our Chime for Sametime application (which is based on a Java and Spring) to now include support for Microsoft Teams.  In the next 2 months, this Java based version will also add support for Slack.

Information, screen shots, and other information is here:

With this release, we are also adding support for:
  • Adaptive Cards for guests (people looking for help) as well as agent notifications and standard replies
  • Bot Framework with Direct Line API integration
  • Monaco text editor
  • Velocity template engine to assist with conditional text resources and standard replies
  • Updated web client based on React
We now have converted both our Chime for Skype for Business as well as Chime for Sametime applications to support Microsoft Teams.