Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Updated build of Instant Chime for Microsoft Skype is available

Last week we released an updated build of Instant Chime (2.6 SR9).  The updated release includes a set of UI updates to cover all of the changes that we wanted to make regarding accessibility - especially in the admin and manager areas.

The release notes are here: http://www.addchime.com/release-notes.html

Here is a quick list of the updates:

Address accessibility issues (tabbing and contrast) for manager and admin modules
Add a new report detail Accepted vs Declined/Ignored per agent 
Message to acknowledge when an agent declines a chat session
Address issue where session history search wasn't respecting end dates - #3208
Add PDF/TXT export for session details (chat transcript + session info) - #2876 
Fixed an inconsistency with the Average Duration statistic on the Queue Dashboard - #3264
Fixed Tabbing navigation issues on the Guest Dashboard, Manager Sections, and in the Admin area - #3209
Added in better focus/visual indicators for all nav elements in Accessibility mode - #3210
Slight changes to the Agent Dashboard UI 
Added in Enhanced UI for the Agent Assist Tool (2) 
Chime now has integration with Microsoft Teams (3)

We have also included a few new features requested as part of several large deployments.