Monday, November 16, 2015

Sending Enterprise Alerts using S4B

Several years ago, we developed an enterprise notification system that leverages Microsoft Lync 2010 to send IM based alerts to internal employees.  Last year, we updated this application and rebranded the app as Instant Alert Manager (
Instant Alert Manager allows IT managers or folks within an enterprise to quickly and easily create and send employee based IM alerts using either Lync 2010 or Lync 2013.

Instant Alert Manager provides the ability to:
  • Send immediate IM alerts
  • Scheduled alerts
  • Save alert templates
  • Integrate Instant Alert Manager with an email notification system (i.e. server farm where emails are triggered on certain events)

We are currently integrating Instant Alert Manager functionality into our enterprise service desk application.  Before the end of the year, Instant Chime will incorporate much of the alerting capability - and it will include the ability to dispatch alerts using Microsoft Skype for Business (S4B).

So, the next version of Instant Chime will include all our tools to enable next generation service desk operations - including the ability to pro-actively generate IM based alerts as part of an outage and/or notification system.