Friday, November 20, 2015

S4B Click to Chat

We've been building enterprise click to chat applications for a long time.  We have products that target Sametime (, XMPP ( and Skype for Business (

We are currently working on the next version of Chime for S4B and we are planning some nice enhancements to our click to chat web client.  In the next release, we will provide a flexible web based chat client that is easy to customize, skin, and each service desk queue can optionally use a different web chat client.  We are also including a form builder into the customization mix, so that customers can define pre-chat forms with a drag\drop form builder.

Here is a preview of our UI to customize the chat window:

We will also include some personal touches throughout the application, so that each service desk agent can provide a personal picture - and each queue can also add some personality with a personalized picture.

If you are looking for click to chat solution for #S4B, then give Instant Chime for S4B a look.

Here is a short demo that shows the current version of Chime in action:

Here are additional videos where you can see Instant Chime work with both Microsoft Lync 2013 and Microsoft S4B