Thursday, March 26, 2015

Tactical Chat for Connected Warrior

More than 10 years ago, Instant Technologies developed Team Session (IPWar) as a platform to connect people (typically warriors) around the world.  As we developed Team Sessions, the design team leveraged IBM Sametime as the presence and IM layer, as well at Lotus Domino as the database server.  Team Sessions created a platform for shared persistent chat rooms, with IM, chat, presence, database replication, and low bandwidth network utilization. 

We developed Team Sessions with the idea that the 'network' would be both fragile, and low bandwidth, and each instance of Team Sessions would need to be self sufficient with the ability to reconnect to the broader network at various times - and in different conditions.  Lotus Domino provided a great database replication engine and IBM Sametime provided a great presence and IM layer.

Team Sessions is now used across the globe to connect service personnel across Africa, Canada, Australia, and North America.  Team Sessions sits securely within various networks and provides a platform for persistent chat, file sharing, and enterprise chat. 

We've recently launched our Team Sessions site to consolidate information on Instant Team Session (also known as IPWar).  Our new site is: