Friday, November 20, 2015

S4B Click to Chat

We've been building enterprise click to chat applications for a long time.  We have products that target Sametime (, XMPP ( and Skype for Business (

We are currently working on the next version of Chime for S4B and we are planning some nice enhancements to our click to chat web client.  In the next release, we will provide a flexible web based chat client that is easy to customize, skin, and each service desk queue can optionally use a different web chat client.  We are also including a form builder into the customization mix, so that customers can define pre-chat forms with a drag\drop form builder.

Here is a preview of our UI to customize the chat window:

We will also include some personal touches throughout the application, so that each service desk agent can provide a personal picture - and each queue can also add some personality with a personalized picture.

If you are looking for click to chat solution for #S4B, then give Instant Chime for S4B a look.

Here is a short demo that shows the current version of Chime in action:

Here are additional videos where you can see Instant Chime work with both Microsoft Lync 2013 and Microsoft S4B

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Instant IMtegrity 9.1 Released - Our Sametime Compliance App Keeps Getting Better

Recently, we released Instant IMtegrity 9.1 which continues to build on our outstanding IMtegrity platform.  Instant IMtegrity 9.1 fully supports IBM Sametime 9.x and includes a host of features in addition to our core IM archiving module.

At a high level, Instant IMtegrity 9.1 includes support for:
  • Server based IBM Sametime archiving
  • IM based disclaimers (to optionally let users know that archiving may be in place on the server)
  • Ethical firewalls
  • Real-time content filtering
  • Notification system to alert managers or compliance folks of messages that might need review
Instant IMtegrity also includes a 30 minute installation process (try that with Actiance) and we've scaled to 50,000 users generating more than 1.5 million messages per month.  We can handle customers from 500 to 50,000 seats.

If you are considering #Sametime #compliance and #eDiscovery, then try the free evaluation of Instant IMtegrity.   We offer free support during your evaluation and we know that you will be happy with the product and our exceptional service.


Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Next Version of Instant Chime - Service Desk using S4B or Lync 2013

We are currently working on the next major release of Instant Chime for S4B and Lync 2013.  The next release will build on our solid support for Microsoft Skype for Business (S4B) and Lync 2013.  However, in addition to providing IM based routing for agents (IM the Expert type functionality),

Instant Chime will also include:
  • Ability to send outbound IM and email alerts at an enterprise level
  • Persistent chat rooms at the queue level for both service desk managers and agents
  • A fully customizable web based chat client
  • Server side extension API to integrate with other systems such as Salesforce and ServiceNow
  • An outage dashboard so that service desk managers can easily post outage information
We will be providing updates, screen shots, and other information on our Instant Chime for S4B site:

If you are interested in learning more about how you can leverage Microsoft S4B in your service desk, please visit our site at:

Here is a brief demo movie of the Instant Chime with Skype for Business:


Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Using Microsoft Skype for Business S4B in Service Desk

For more than 10 years, we have been developing enterprise applications that take advantage of enterprise IM platforms.  With our latest release of Instant Chime, we now fully support Skype for Business (S4B), Lync 2013, IBM Sametime, and XMPP. 

For our customers, extending the value of their S4B deployment across their service desk makes sense for both their employees and their service desk agents.

Microsoft S4B provides presence, IM services, screen sharing capability, and excellent voice support - as a base platform, it is hard to beat.

Instant Chime adds the ability to provide click to chat service desk escalation, the ability to create and manage service desk queues, reporting and metrics across all areas, and lots of other features critical to modern service desk.

Take a look at Instant Chime for Microsoft S4B:

Here is a screen shot of a S4B agent experience - where Instant Chime has attached additional UI to the S4B client.  Instant Chime uses the S4B context window extension (Lync CWE) to attach a full set of additional services for the agent:

Of course, no #servicedesk application would be complete with a full set of reports - all date selectable and capable of being exported to Microsoft Excel:

Monday, November 16, 2015

Sending Enterprise Alerts using S4B

Several years ago, we developed an enterprise notification system that leverages Microsoft Lync 2010 to send IM based alerts to internal employees.  Last year, we updated this application and rebranded the app as Instant Alert Manager (
Instant Alert Manager allows IT managers or folks within an enterprise to quickly and easily create and send employee based IM alerts using either Lync 2010 or Lync 2013.

Instant Alert Manager provides the ability to:
  • Send immediate IM alerts
  • Scheduled alerts
  • Save alert templates
  • Integrate Instant Alert Manager with an email notification system (i.e. server farm where emails are triggered on certain events)

We are currently integrating Instant Alert Manager functionality into our enterprise service desk application.  Before the end of the year, Instant Chime will incorporate much of the alerting capability - and it will include the ability to dispatch alerts using Microsoft Skype for Business (S4B).

So, the next version of Instant Chime will include all our tools to enable next generation service desk operations - including the ability to pro-actively generate IM based alerts as part of an outage and/or notification system.


Friday, November 13, 2015

Leverage S4B in Enterprise Service Desk

We've been busy building out an updated release of Instant Chime ( that fully supports Skype for Business (aka S4B).  Our latest release of Instant Chime includes the ability to use S4B as part of Office 365 or via the S4B on premise installation.

Instant Chime is a powerful addition to any enterprise service desk (#servicedesk) offering and provides click to chat functionality for both internal employees, and customers, to immediately connect with a service desk agent.

Our customers are deploying Instant Chime in multiple languages, across different continents, and leveraging their S4B environment with great service desk functionality and our terrific user experience.

What does Instant Chime provide:
  • Allocate agents as part of Chime queues
  • Expose Chime queues to portal pages or directly via S4B
  • Manager level dashboards to monitor click to chat traffic in real-time
  • Full reporting area to view historical trends and see all activity (i.e. ASA, abandoned chats, etc..)
  • Great looking web client with support for email transcript and the ability for the customer (typically the internal employee) to rate the service desk session
  • Standard replies
  • ...and lots of other features.

If you are looking to enhance your service desk with some powerful Skype 4 Business integration, then please give Instant Chime a look and then contact us for an evaluation.


Thursday, March 26, 2015

Tactical Chat for Connected Warrior

More than 10 years ago, Instant Technologies developed Team Session (IPWar) as a platform to connect people (typically warriors) around the world.  As we developed Team Sessions, the design team leveraged IBM Sametime as the presence and IM layer, as well at Lotus Domino as the database server.  Team Sessions created a platform for shared persistent chat rooms, with IM, chat, presence, database replication, and low bandwidth network utilization. 

We developed Team Sessions with the idea that the 'network' would be both fragile, and low bandwidth, and each instance of Team Sessions would need to be self sufficient with the ability to reconnect to the broader network at various times - and in different conditions.  Lotus Domino provided a great database replication engine and IBM Sametime provided a great presence and IM layer.

Team Sessions is now used across the globe to connect service personnel across Africa, Canada, Australia, and North America.  Team Sessions sits securely within various networks and provides a platform for persistent chat, file sharing, and enterprise chat. 

We've recently launched our Team Sessions site to consolidate information on Instant Team Session (also known as IPWar).  Our new site is: