Thursday, October 30, 2014

New Tools to Leverage Microsoft Lync in Your Organization

Instant Technologies has been developing enterprise IM applications for Microsoft Lync, and IBM Sametime, since 2002.  Our early applications integrated Microsoft Outlook with IBM Sametime and after 'lighting up' email with IM presence, we have moved our focus to server side IM applications.

On the Microsoft Lync side, we have three primary applications in the market to leverage, and extend, an enterprise Microsoft Lync investment. 

These three applications may be grouped into a few high level terms or concepts:

Search - HR Auditor for Microsoft Lync:

In 2006, we developed our first product for the Microsoft IM platform.  Way back in the LCS 2005 era we developed the application to search the LCSLog database to folks using LCS could view their chat chistory.  For those who do not know about the LCSLog, the LCSLog is the database that contains the various tables that Microsoft LCS, Microsoft OCS, and Microsoft Lync have all used to capture the IM conversations that traverse the UC server. 

In 2013, we developed HR Auditor for Microsoft Lync in order to provide 'non-technical' users, or people, with the ability to search, export, extract, and explore the information maintained within the LCSLog database.   HR Auditor for Microsoft Lync is installed 'on-premise' and our installation process should take less than 30 minutes.  HR Auditor supports a great looking user interface, the dynamic visualization of search results, and the ability to export search results to a variety of formats (pdf, txt, csv).  HR Auditor for Microsoft Lync is a powerful, and easy to use, eDiscovery tool for Microsoft Lync.

Connect - Instant Chime for Microsoft Lync

Instant Chime for Microsoft Lync has recently been released (July 2014) and provides the ability to quickly leverage Microsoft Lync as part of an IT service desk or contact center.  Instant Chime for Microsoft Lync provides 'click to chat' functionality across Microsoft Lync 2013 and has the ability to integrate with existing IT systems. 

Instant Chime for Microsoft Lync leverages the investment in enterprise Lync adoption by providing a common UC platform for the internal, or external service desk.  Instant Chime is also an excellent addition to a contact center has includes a clean user interface, rich collection of dashboards, and the ability to quickly stage a 'click to chat' module for Microsoft Lync.

If you need to route help desk request, or contact center requests, using Microsoft Lync, then Instant Chime should be a great addition to your IT portfolio.

 Alert - Alert Manager for Microsoft Lync

Many of our customers have requested a tool to leverage Microsoft Lync in order to send immediate notifications or emergency messages.  We developed Alert Manager for Microsoft Lync in order to provide our customers with an application to immediate broadcast IT messages, server notifications alerts, or other organizational alerts that need to be dispatched immediately - and dispatched via something other than email.

Some of our Alert Manager customers leverage Alert Manager to send notifications concerning server outages, email outages, or other alerts that need to be dispatched to a broad audience using IM - which provides for immediate delivery across the enterprise.