Thursday, June 5, 2014

Using Microsoft Lync in the Service Desk

For more than 7 years, Instant has had an IM service desk application based on IBM Sametime.  Our IBM Sametime based product (Queue Manager) has enjoyed widespread customer adoption and is currently routing more that 3,000 service desk requests, per day, in some of our large deployments.  Providing the ability to offer 'click to chat' service desk access has increased employee satisfaction and, at the same time, improved the efficiency and performance of the service desk. 

We are seeing internal service desk teams shift the focus from phone based support to IM based support, and this shift is only increasing.  For employees, IM based support allows for immediate access to an agent, the ability to send and receive useful textual content and links, and the ability to quickly escalate to other forms of information sharing (i.e. sharing a desktop).

Next week, we will announce Instant Chime.  Instant Chime is service desk application focused on connecting employees, agents, and customers using an existing presence infrastructure - Microsoft Lync.  Chime assumes that all internal employees are already using Microsoft Lync on a daily basis, and that Microsoft Lync should be primary means to contact and interact with the internal service desk. 

For the managers running the various service desks, Chime includes a rich set of dashboards, metrics, and real time notifications systems.  For the employees who need to access the service desk, Chime includes a 'click to chat' web client, the ability to connect with Chime using Microsoft Lync, and immediate access to a service desk agent - whether that agent is in the next office or around the world.  For the agents responsible for the service desk, Chime includes rich contextual window extensions, the ability to escalate conversations to screen and application sharing, and the ability to handle more than one incident at a time. 

Let your employees Chime In and receive immediate assistance. 

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