Friday, June 20, 2014

Routing Service Desk Issues with Microsoft Lync

Instant has been helping customers with their help desk operations on the IBM Sametime platform for over 10 years.  With several of our larger service desk deployments, Instant Queue Manager routes more than 3,000 service desk requests per day - across a help desk landscape that may include more than 125 help desk agents.

We have noticed the transformation from traditional phone based service desks, to an environment where 'click to chat' and IM routing are both replacing the phone based model.  Our existing Sametime based product, Queue Manager, is enabling this transformation at some of the largest companies in the world.  We are excited to bring this same level of expertise to the Microsoft Lync service desk environment.

As service desks transform from phone based support, to IM and real time support, employee satisfaction improves, the load on the service desk can be reconfigured, and agents can handle multiple issues concurrently (since they can typically manage 2 or 3 chats concurrently).

In order to further secure our place in the modern service desk environment, we have recently launched Instant Chime for Microsoft Lync.  Chime represents the next generation of our service desk platform and it supports both Microsoft Lync and IBM Sametime (the Sametime version will be available later this summer). 

Here is a short overview of how to configure a Lync service desk queue using Instant Chime.

Chime provides a platform that is designed to enable 'real-time' communication with service desk agents using Microsoft Lync. For Microsoft Lync based organizations, Chime provides the ability to quickly create, deploy, and monitor help desk 'queues'.

Chime provides:
  • Real time dashboards to view all service desk activity - for example all employees waiting for help
  • Web client for one click access to agents - of course you can provide custom branding
  • Historical charts and metrics with information on ASA, total chat duration, agent productivity
  • The ability for line of business managers to manage, and monitor, service desk queues
  • Capability to surface existing ticketing applications in the agent's Lync client - via a Lync Client Window Extension - or Microsoft Lync CWE
We are very excited about the recent launch of Instant Chime for Microsoft Lync and the upcoming release for IBM Sametime. 

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Add Chime to your enterprise -

Example of Chime surfacing a SharePoint ticketing site within a Lync Client Window Extension