Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Instant Chime - Integrate Microsoft Lync with Salesforce for Help Desk Application

Instant Chime is a service desk application that is a designed to leverage Microsoft Lync, or IBM Sametime, as the primary tool for help desk interaction. Since many of our customers may also use Salesforce, Chime provides a very easy to use interaction layer to connect service desk agents, Microsoft Lync, and Salesforce.

 At a high level, this integration looks like the following:
  • A customer is on a web site, or internal portal, and requests help using a click to chat link
  • Chime receives the request and locates an available help desk agent, using Microsoft Lync, to handle the inbound request
  • When the help desk agent accepts the request using Microsoft Lync, the agent's Lync client is connected to the customer via IM and the agent's Lync window automatically expands and opens a Salesforce URL
Of course, it is possible to place any URL in the Lync CWE (context window extension), however, placing a Salesforce URL seems especially useful.  Chime supports a dynamic template engine, so the URL that is staged in the agent's window may include custom parameters and values.

Some other useful Microsoft Lync CWE pages may include SharePoint ticketing panels, internal employee dashboards, content from Microsoft Dynamics, or an internally developed ticketing system.

Chime has been developed with integration in mind - and the addition of the Lync CWE extensions provides a lot of context to the help desk agent, with minimal configuration and zero additional development.

Here are some screenshots demonstrating the various stages of the help desk request

The help desk agent receives the request in Microsoft Lync and accepts the conversation:

The agent accepts the request and their Microsoft Lync client expands with an embedded Salesforce page:

 Take a look and quickly add Lync IM to your service desk...