Wednesday, June 12, 2013

HR Auditor for Lync Beta is Available

After years of 'patching' our Instant Archive Viewer for Lync, it was apparent that the application required a substantial 'rethink'.  As with many applications, Archive Viewer for Lync evolved over many years and transitioned from a historical chat 'viewer' for LCS 2005, through the various OCS releases, and then into the Lync generation.  As with a lot of applications, the evolution of the application created a bunch of strange behaviors, a collection of UI designs, and some frustrating installation and usage scenarios.  In other words, it was difficult for customers to use the product, difficult for the development team to update, and a source of frustration for too many people.

In order to take a completely new approach to the application, and position the application and our development team to respond to the latest customer requests and usage scenarios, we have decided to start with a clean slate to completely rewrite and redesign the application.  Whew!

We are hand crafting this release with a very focused design and development team - and we are spending a lot of time on every area of the product - from the installation, to the query and visualization user interface, and reviewing the complete user experience during every product update. In other words, we really want to get this right!

The beta of the application is available here:

Of course, we are extremely interested in your feedback and product suggestions. 
Our goals for the application are:
  1. Develop an application that is easy to install in less than 30 minutes
  2. Optimize the user interface to quickly perform a set of high value search operations against an existing Lync archive database
  3. Provide tools to save, visualize, and export, a variety of useful queries 
  4. Simplified access control list structure optimized for 5-15 people (the 5-15 folks who will be performing the queries)
We are very interested in your feedback and welcome your questions, suggestions, and product ideas.