Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Update to Email to IM Gatewy for Lync Release 1.0.13

We have recently reproduced an error with our email to IM gateway for Microsoft Lync where customers attempt to create email messages from powershell/telnet, when routing through a Domino or Exchange server, rather than connecting directly to the gateway.  In essence, the customers have existing powershell and email creation scripts, and these processes directly access the Exchange server via powershell and/or telnet.

When sending unauthenticated mails in this fashion, it appears that Domino and Exchange tag the FROM smtp command with an AUTH <> parameter, which was creating some issues with address parsing module of our SMTP gateway server.  (For more information on this, see  particularly section 5.)

We have made some changes to the SMTP layer, and also added some additional error handling in the gateway code to catch this problem, and have tested using both Domino and Exchange with good results.
We have also incorporated a feature suggestion to add a setting to disable the message delivery status emails. 

Setting this value to “true” will disable the status emails.  So, with this setting disabled, our gateway will not automatically send a reply back to the author of the email indicating that their message has been dispatched as a Lync IM message.
Information on our email to IM gateway for Microsoft Lync is available at: