Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Chat logging for Sametime Compliance

Frequently, we encounter customers who are considering developing their own chat logging tool for IBM Sametime, or they are using a product that has been discontinued or is facing 'end of life'.  At Instant, we have been updating our Sametime logging and Sametime compliance application since 2003 and we are happy to announce our latest release.

IMtegrity 5.2, our chat logging solution for IBM Sametime, includes several customer focused enhancements as well as improved support for Sametime 8.5. In our continued commitment to Sametime 8.5.x, IMtegrity 5.2 includes all of our recent improvements for the Sametime 8.5 platform.

Specifically, the 5.2 release also addresses these issues:

Real-time chat rules and disclaimers now work with IBM Sametime configured for LDAP directories.
Added more detailed logging to aid in troubleshooting and customer support.

Fixed an issue with attachment file names containing two exclamation marks, like "theReport!!!.xls."

We continue to see customer interest in the Sametime 8.5 platform and our latest updates to both our installer, and our real time chat rules and disclaimers should provide a compelling platform for customers who require Sametime chat logging.

For our existing customers, we are eager to hear about any new product enhancements or feature requests.

Information on the latest release of our Sametime chat logging solution is available from our IMtegrity area at

Thanks for reading - please contact us with any questions or for a free evaluation.