Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Instant Compliance Module for IBM Sametime Meetings

Instant Compliance Module for IBM Sametime Meetings

Don't Overlook IBM Sametime Meetings, include it in your compliance architecture!

For IBM Sametime Meetings, Instant offers a compliance module that captures, stores and dispatches electronic content generated within meeting rooms. Data that is stored for archiving and ediscovery includes group chat, minutes, action items, questions and starred items. Instant’s solution integrates with popular compliance applications such as Source One and Autonomy as well as Instant’s IMtegrity archiving database.
  • Data storage for group chat, minutes, action items, questions and starred items
  • Dispatch specific data from IBM Sametime Meeting sessions
  • Stand alone module and easy integration with IMtegrity Archives for Sametime
IBM Sametime Meetings is an on-premise electronic meeting solution that allows attendees to share content, share screens and presentations.

Instant IMtegrity Archives is a leading Sametime application in use at many large financial and insurance institutions. While many organizations are currently archiving instant message (IM) based content, it is now necessary to capture, store and/or dispatch specific content from Sametime Meeting sessions. As users post content within the meeting rooms, specifically the message content that is placed in the discussion area, the data will be identified, formatted and transferred to an internal application such as EMC Source One.

The IBM Sametime Meetings application includes two modules, one that is installed on each Sametime Meeting server and one central application that will assemble and dispatch the message traffic to an internal database. The information from the IBM Meeting Rooms will be delivered as a scheduled data export from the DB2 staging repository.

In order to capture all content that is posted to the discussion area, a specialized data collector will be installed on the Sametime Meeting server. This data collector will implement the necessary IBM Sametime Meeting server compliance APIs and will be responsible for transmitting the content to Instant’s staging repository.

Instant will incorporate this Sametime Meeting Room assembly extension within Instant’s current architecture where both data assemblers and dispatchers reside within defined adapters. This new Meeting Room adapter will fit within Instant’s compliance framework and will be responsible for providing IBM Meeting Room specific data extraction, assembly, and storage.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Great article on troubleshooting IBM Sametime Server Crashes

Many of our customers run a variety of IBM Sametime Servers.  Typically, these servers are rock solid, scale to tens of thousands of users, and work very well.  However, if the Sametime server is having issues, then this article from IBM will provide some pragmatic approaches to help troubleshoot the issue.