Friday, May 4, 2012

IMtegrity 5 Product Launch - Continued Commitment to IBM Sametime

At a time when many of our competitors are exiting the IM compliance and e-discovery market, Instant Technologies is continuing to invest, innovate, and extend our product offerings for IBM Sametime.  Yesterday, we announced the immediate availability of IMtegrity 5.  IMtegrity 5 continues to build on the outstanding platform that we have developed for compliance, archiving, and e-discovery for IBM Sametime. 

IMtegrity 5 is a major product release for Instant and represents our commitment to our customers and the IBM Sametime user community.  In addition to adding native support for Sametime 8.5, IMtegrity 5 includes two significant features that have been requested across a large community of our install base.  First, IMtegrity 5 adds the ability to create ethical IM firewalls within an organization.  By providing a real-time monitoring service for IBM Sametime, IMtegrity now has the ability to detect, and optionally prevent, Sametime IM conversations between individuals and groups.   The ability to support ethical walls has been requested for many years and we are excited that we can now deliver this level of functionality to our customers.

In addition to ethical firewalls, IMtegrity 5 adds support for configurable IM disclaimers.  These disclaimer notifications are designed to notify chat participants whenever new IM conversations are initiated.  Disclaimer text may be customized for the local language and may be triggered based on a set of rules or actions.  Many of our large customers have been requesting individual IM based disclaimers and we anticipate that this additional feature will help IMtegrity continue to gain momentum into new markets.

IMtegrity has always been based on simplicity of design, the ability to scale within large deployment, and the development of a stable platform for compliance and e-discovery.  This latest release of IMtegrity continues this tradition of design and simplicity and includes a seamless installation process for Sametime 8.5 servers, a highly scalable archiving engine, and new features that will enable the IMtegrity platform to meet the demands of new and existing customers.

Our customer base for IMtegrity continues to grow as does our investment in the core IBM Sametime platform.

Peyton McManus
May 4, 2012