Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Setting up a TrustedApplication for Lync 2010

  1. Open Lync Management Shell
  2. Create TrustedApplicationPool
    1. Run Get-CsSite.  Note SiteId
    2. Run Get-CsService –Registrar.  Note Identity:Registrar:
    3. Run New-CsTrustedApplicationPool –Identity [LyncServer] –Registrar [Registrar] –Site [SiteId]
    4. Run Enable-CsTopology
  3. Run New-CsTrustedApplication – Save these settings, as you will need them to configure BLM
    1. ApplicationId: Supply a descriptive name here
    2. TrustedApplicationPoolFqdn: The fully-qualified domain name of the trusted application pool created in the previous step.  Can be found by running Get-CsTrustedApplicationPool
    3. Port: Select a port to access the trusted application.  Should be >1024.  Be sure that the port is open on your firewall.
    4. Run Enable-CsTopology to commit the changes
    5. Run “Get-CsTrustedApplication > [some file name].txt”  This will save the information you will need to configure BuddyList Migrator to a text file, as it is very difficult to copy from the Management Shell.
  4.    Setup TrustedApplicationEndpoint
    1.   Run New-CsTrustedApplicationEnpdoint –ApplicationID urn:application:yourAppname –TrustedApplicationPoolFqdn appPoolFQDN –SipAddress sip:name@domain –DisplayName “Name”
  5. Setup Certificates for the machine on which you will install BuddyList Migrator.  If installing to the Lync Server, this can be ignored
    1. Run mmc
    2. Add the Certificates snap-in.  Select “Local Computer”
    3. Go to Personal->Certifcates
    4. Action->All Tasks->Request New Certificate
    5. Continue through the Wizard.  Select “Computer” for the type of certificate.