Friday, February 18, 2011

Sametime Chat Logging - Customer Feedback on IMtegrity - Excellent

At Instant Technologies, we have many award winning Sametime products.  However, it's wonderful to speak with customers running our Sametime chat logging application, Instant IMtegrity, and hear the great feedback and real world usage scenarios.  This week, in a great conversation with a recent customer, I learned that IMtegrity is being used in a an environment where the application is logging more than 1,000,000 Sametime IM conversations per month.   We have plenty of deployments that handle 10,000 conversations a day, but hear the words 'more than one million' indicated a huge leap. 

In addition to the pure volume of the Sametime IM conversations moving through the system, the nicest feedback involved the compliments related to the installation and support.  In the words of our customer, the installation took 'less than 30 minutes' and didn't involve any 'additional services, complex configurations, or technical support'. 

In the words of our customer, 'IMtegrity is rock solid, highly scalable, and does exactly what it needs to do'. 

One million conversations per month, zero outages, and a very happy customer. 

This has been a great week at Instant