Friday, October 1, 2010

What's new in Instant Archive Viewer build 3.0.49 - 3.0.55 for Microsoft OCS

Instant Archive Viewer for Microsoft OCS
Instant's Archive Viewer for Microsoft OCS is a very useful tool to search, retrieve, and report on conversations and content within the Microsoft OCS system. Visit our website for more detail:

What's New in Build 3.0.49 for Instant Archive Viewer for Microsoft OCS?

Instant Archive Viewer for OCS Version 3.0.49 is now available and comes with a gamut of helpful enancements and fixes. Here are five new items that have been introduced.

1. Charting and Reporting

Instant Charting and Reporting for Microsoft OCS will create animated, interactive charts quickly and easily in order to measure traffic in your Microsoft OCS system. Display high level information organized by year or drilled down to the hour; Quickly filter usage by users and export them to Excel; View browser based reports from LCSLOG, LCSCDR, QOEMETRICS, ACDDYN and RTCCONFIG OCS database tables hosted from SQL server. For more information visit our Instant Charting and reporting for Microsoft OCS Web page at

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Download Instant Charting & Reporting for OCS Datasheet

2. Improved Active directory browsing

We've made some small changes to the Active Directory picker. The Active Directory picker is available on the Extended Search and Discovery tab of the Admin page for browsing users and groups to access the Extended Search and Search and Discovery Page. It is also available for searching users/groups in active directory to search key words in conversations.We now allow administrators to choose how you would like to find the users in Active Directory via a drop down menu. The drop down menu has three choices: First name, Last Name or login name/samacount name.

3. Time zone differences between server and local machine

This small updated feature allows the Instant Charting for Microsoft OCS module to compensate for the local time zone of the local machine viewing Charts when there is a difference in time zone between the Server and local machine. It is a setting located in the Basic Settings tab of the Administrator options page.

4. Enhanced debugging

Debug will now capture all information including read-write access and connection information. This is very helpful for configuration of Instant Archive Viewer for Microsoft OCS.

5. New look and easy navigation