Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Instant Charing and Reporting for Lotus Sametime

We are proud to announce that we have started shipping our Instant Charting and Reporting application for Lotus Sametime.  The applications combines our experience developing a great charting and reporting system for our Queue Manager, as well as our experience developing a robust and scalable archiving application for Lotus Sametime.

The charting and reporting application provides 3 main components:
1 - Charting information and statistics captured by our IMtegrity database and archiving application
2 - Charting information provided by the Sametime ST Logs. This is mainly for historical purposes and displays a variety of useful Sametime statistics against a historical period
3 - Live usage metrics and data: This information is provided using the Sametime Statistics Servlet and displayed in real time using some excellent charting tools.

A live demonstration of the application is available on our web site.  Please direct any questions, or inquiries, to

A broader overview of the application, with screen shots, data sheets, and other information is available at: