Thursday, July 29, 2010

Charting and Reporting for OCS

Charting and Reporting for OCS is an XML based charting engine rendering statistics from your Office Communications Server in a cool flash bar graph or pie chart. The information is retrieved using SQL queries inside XML pages and viewed on pages hosted from the IIS webserver.  The databases we are retrieving the information from are the LcsLog and lcsCDR, QoEMetrics, ACDDYN and RTCCONFIG.  For more information on these databases visit the following links:

Users may add, delete or modify all charts manually and may optionally apply an intuitive filter to customize the data into more usable, focused information using the interface built into the charting and reporting page. Here are some examples of charts we have been working on for a help desk call center, which we have applied said filter to access the Inbound/outbound queue data from a PBX calling system for a help desk:

Inbound Calls by Hour of Day

Inbound Calls by Day of Week

Average Duration of All Calls by Day of the Week

Calls by Hour of Day

For more charts and information visit: