Monday, May 3, 2010

New Queue Manager Template Released

We have released an updated version of the Queue Manager V4 template.  This latest template supports all of the work that we have done in order to provide more detailed information on web based visitors.  Information on web based visitors will now be available to experts, the framework applications, as well as the queue logs database. 

We have also updated the charting and reporting system based on feedback from one of our favorite customers in South Carolina. 

Here is the list of updates in this latest release:
QueueMgr Template Ver 2.20 May 03, 2010

1. Form 'ITAgentLogEntry' will have the following new fields






2. Added new view 'by Customer ID & Date'

Instant Queue Connections V1B32 May 03, 2010

1. Startup type property added to queue and interviews

2. Monitoring Panel update Version 1.0.12 26 APR 2010

3. Control Panel update Version 1.0.3 26 APR 2010

4. Added Public group support

5. New Monitoring Panel URL for experts

6. New URL for watched Queues

7. URL to Sync Public Groups

10. Support for new line in the text resources for Queue Properties XML

11. Added page to display the supported text variables

12. Passwords are encrypted in the UI XMLs

13. Added Support for LDAP based directories

14. UI related bug fixes

Instant Measurement Suite Template v1.14 Apr 21, 2010

1. Charts 'All Chat Logs\Open Conversations' and 'Customer\This Week' has drill down functionality

2. By Month charts have been sorted in calender order

3. Default chart for IQM will be 'Today By Queue'