Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Working on a 35,000 user vpuserinfo.nsf conversion

For the last several months, we have been using our Buddy List Administrator, and our vpuserinfo.nsf conversion routines, to migrate 35,000 users within a large Sametime environment.

This conversion has been a bit more complicated than some of our earlier conversions since:
We are remapping all 35,000 people from one network ID to another
We are dealing with multiple Sametime clients
The Sametime buddy lists are stored in both the field 0 (zero) and field 8193

As with most projects, there are some new paths to cross. For example, we have recently discovered some differences in the header for the 8193 field that created some issues in our earlier 'dry runs'. We have now resolved those issues (after an all morning byte by byte analysis session) and we are waiting for the actual cut over.

Our goal on these conversions is 99.9999% success rate. Ideally, when a person logs into their Sametime client on Monday (following a weekend conversion) they will see their exact buddy list - but with new user IDs and display names (both of which are changing on this conversion).

The most difficult part of this project has been the consolidation of the various mapping tables into one coherent lookup table. The customer is provided us with various (7) directories - all of which we are normalizing in order to provide a master lookup table.

Lotus Notes has been an excellent data repository and has provided a very quick, and easy, storage device for all of this data. Our import routines also leverage Lotus Notes and the ability (using some Lotus Notes agents) to read data from Microsoft Excel (XLS) files.

This has been a challenging project, but we continue to add more knowledge to our Sametime buddy list conversion process and our code base for these conversions continues to grow.