Friday, March 26, 2010

Queue Manager 4 - On the Way

After a very long development road, we are getting very excited to announce our newest release of Queue Manager V4.  Queue Manager has a very loyal following and we have done a massive amount of work to include most of the enhancement requests in this latest version.

Here is a quick overview:
Charting and Reporting:
We have completely rewritten the entire charting and reporting system.  With 26 charts (out of the box) and 5 enabled for multi level drill down, we think the charting system should be a huge improvement

Monitored Queues:
Our broadcast queues are useful, but based on early customer feedback, the monitored queues will be extremely helpful in help desk environments and large organizations.  Monitored queues include a real time flex based dashboard showing all queue traffic.

Interviews enable a decision support tree to be provided to inbound customers before they interact with a queue.  These IM based trees are customizable, extensible, and very easy to create.  With our Groovy integration, customer can easily shift conversations from an interview to custom Groovy extensions.

Browser Based Configuration:
Our number one request.  Queues, interviews, and all administrative tasks are now available from our browser based interface. 

Supports Popular Enterprise IM Systems:
Built on Instant's enterprise IM abstraction layer, Queue Manager V4 supports Lotus Sametime, Microsoft OCS, and XMPP based systems. 

Here is a screen shot of the charting system: