Thursday, October 1, 2009

Cisco migrates to XMPP/Jabber

Some recent updates in the IBM Sametime blog ( indicate that Cicso is migrating (internally) to Jabber and XMPP. That's a reasonable move and one that further indicates that there are really key platforms in the enterprise IM and presence space. Of course, Lotus/IBM Sametime was the early favorite, then Microsoft delivered several impressive releases of their SIP plaform (LCS, OCS, OCS 2007) and with Cicsco, the XMPP protocol still has a lot of life.

We are embracing all three major platforms. The next release of our bot platform, help desk and routing application, and entreprise IM queue management app will support Sametime, Microsoft OCS, and XMPP - all on the same code base. Also, any custom extensions developed in our scripting platform will also support all three platforms.

What does that mean for our customers?

Bots (such as Active Directory lookups, sharepoint searches, ldap directory) will be able to focus on the business logic and process - and target any platform with only one line of additional code.

Our help desk application will support all platforms and accept inbound connections from any platform, and route to an expert on any platform. So, an inbound XMPP connection may seeks experts running on xmpp, Sametime, or OCS

Custom applications developed in either Java, or our scripting layer, will have the ability to listen, broadcast, and interact with all three platforms.