Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Instant IM Disclaimer App for Sametime Gateway

Intstant developed the internal Sametime IM disclaimer application in response to several IMtegrity customers and their need to notify Lotus Sametime users that their conversations may be recorded and monitored.

Since we are involved in Sametime Gateway deployments, we have also been receiving requests to create an external IM disclaimer application to notify external users (i.e. Yahoo, AOL users) that their conversations may be monitored and recorded. This week, we are announcing the first in a series of applications for the Sametime Gateway.

Our Sametime Gateway IM disclaimer application is a server based gateway extension that monitors all external IM conversations and provides an IM disclaimer notification to external users (typically running Yahoo, AOL, or Google).

The Instant IM disclaimer application for Lotus Sametime may also be configured to notify internal users that their Sametime IM conversations may be monitored.

We have had requests to included regular expression filtering (in order to prevent certain combinations of phrases from passing through the Lotus Sametime IM gateway) so that will be the next application to be included in this grouping.