Friday, May 22, 2009

Amazon iPhone Application

Earlier this week, I was in my local Best Buy where I was looking for a new belt holster for my iPhone (in addition to a new wii game for an upcoming birthday).

In the iPhone accessories aisle, I spotted a potential holster candidate. Hmmmm...looks good, not too expensive. Let me see what the reviews on Amazon look like.

From there, I did something that has now become a habit. I started the Amazon iPhone application, searched for the product, located the product on Amazon and then read the reviews. With 80% negative reviews, including numerous accounts of the belt clip breaking within 2 weeks, I was no longer enamored with the holster on the shelf.

However, while still using the Amazon application, I quickly located another holster on Amazon, read the reviews, and then purchased using 1 click.

I spent a total of less than 5 minutes inspecting the product on the shelf, reading reviews from Amazon, and then purchasing a competitive product from Amazon.

iPhone and Amazon make a very nice combination.