Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Sametime Server Based Disclaimers - Even When Server Based Archiving is Not Enabled

We recently had a conversation with an existing Instant customer. They are large manufacturing company with plants throughout North America, Europe, and Asia.

They have Lotus Sametime servers placed around the world and use Instant Queue Manager to connect employees with instant IT help desk support. Their queues are in multiple languages and they have been a consistent partner with great Queue Manager feedback and ideas.

As part of our Sametime 'disclaimer promotion', they contacted us to discuss how to provide server based disclaimers to all of their employees. To our surprise, they do not have any server based archiving enabled (ala IMtegrity). However, since Lotus Sametime can now capture and store conversations using the Samtime client, they need to notify all employees that it is possible that their chat conversation may be recorded. This is especially important for EU based employees where safe harbor provisions may apply.

It now appears that our Instant Disclaimer application has traction in environments where any type of archiving (server based or client based) is active. In addition, we received some excellent ideas for providing the disclaimer text in multiple languages (based on the language of the user) and we are looking at providing this enhancement.