Friday, April 3, 2009

Instant welcomes a new customer - and some new updates to IMtegrity

It's always pleasure working with new customers, prospects, and and evaluators. As we continue to expand, our reach becomes a bit broader and we encounter new organizations, teams, and people, Each and every relationship is a bit different, but they are all centered on trust and providing real value. We are happy to have the Asian Development Bank as a new customer and I look forward to their ideas, enhancement requests, and feedback.

We have also recently completed a set of enhancements to IMtegrity (our Lotus Sametime chat archiving application) in order to support some requests from a current evaluation. These enhancements include some extensions to the IMtegrity action rules to support customized subject messages, the ability to easily attach the XML transcript to a e-mail notifications, and several other features to support advanced integration with the EMC Legato system.