Friday, April 10, 2009

Instant Team Sessions V3 is Gold

For the last 8 months, we have been working on a major update to Instant Team Sessions (our persistent chat platform for Lotus Sametime). In addition to completely updating the web user interface, we have added some very slick Sametime plug-ins, a rich server based alerting system, tons of other enhancements, bug fixes, and UI tweaks.

One of our initial benchmarks was to reduce the installation time from approximately 4 hours to under 1 hour. During the development cycle, we modified the installation target to under 30 minutes. Three weeks ago, I was at a customer in San Diego and assisted a partner with a Team Sessions installation. We were able to install Team Sessions - including downloading from our site, in 26 minutes. It was a rewarding experience - and one that belies all of the work, simulated installations, group installation reviews, and team effort that went into streamlining the entire process.

The entire Team Sessions V3 has this level of attention and focus. So, I'm thrilled that we have resolved the last known customer issue (an HTTPS issue for a large defense organization) and I'm looking forward to sharing the Team Sessions V3 experience with new customers, evaluators, and partners.