Friday, April 3, 2009

Instant Disclaimer for Lotus Sametime Install Overview

We are in the early, but very successful, stages of a promotion around our Instant Disclaimer Service for Lotus Sametime. We have recently been including the disclaimer application as part some recent IMtegrity deployments, and Monique wanted to provide the product to a broader Lotus Sametime audience.

The application makes a nice addition to most Sametime deployments - especially if there is server based archiving enabled (ala Instant IMtegrity). Quite simply, the application runs as a server application and monitors all logins to the Sametime server. When a user logs into the Sametime server, our application provides a text based disclaimer message (customized by the admin) to each user. It's very useful and has seen strong interest with IMtegrity customers.

Here is a brief overview of the installation steps - which should give Sametime admins a good idea of just how easy this will be to deploy.

We have also posted to Youtube...which allows for a slightly longer video: