Thursday, April 2, 2009

Good move to Salesforce

Several months ago, we moved from Entellium to Salesforce. So far, the move has been very positive. The core Salesforce functionality is excellent, the user interface is well designed, and the support has been great. There were some bumps moving our data from Entellium to Salesforce, but the Salesforce data loader was very helpful.

We are looking for ways to integrate our applications (Queue Manager, Agent Framework bots) with Salesforce as well as other ideas related to the integration of Salesforce with Lotus Sametime and Microsoft OCS.

The Salesforce platform is very compelling - as is cloud computing. We are a small company, but we continue to leverage external, outsourced, providers for core (maybe commodity) applications such as email, CRM, and collaboration portals.

I'm curious how other people see the 'mashup' of internally hosted enterprise applications (i.e. Lotus Sametime, SAP) with external applications such as Salesforce.

Can/will everything move external?


tfountain said...

Looks like it was none to soon:

Entellium executives arrested by FBI for making up revenue figures

Instant said...

Yep...looks like they had 2 sets of books...ooops
We were a bit upset when we learned that had fired most of their developers and they were entering bankruptcy.
It looks like Intuit will do something - probaly combine the CRM Rave app with their Quickbooks platform.