Friday, April 24, 2009

AdminP Integration with Buddy List Administrator for Sametime

We are currently working on 2 features for our next point release of our Buddy List Administrator for Lotus Sametime.

First, we are adding AdminP integration. This is a direct custom request. We expect to have the initial build working next week. Of course, it will connect our Buddy List Administrator (BLA) database and engine with AdminP. This will allow our Sametime Buddy List Administrator to automatically process a variety of AdminP request - such as rename requests.

Secondly, we are adding the ability to add a public group to every one's buddy list within a public group. So, this will enable our customer to quickly push a public group to 'all employees' and then stage bots, help desk queues, or other IM agents within this public group.

Informaton on our Buddy List Administrator for Lotus Sametime is available here: