Thursday, March 19, 2009

Native Archiving in Lotus Sametime Advanced

We've recently had a number of customers express confusion over the native archiving capabilities (or lack thereof) in Lotus Sametime Advanced. Hopefully the information below will clarify the issue.

Lotus Sametime Advanced does not include any native chat logging capabilities. IBM does offer a free Developer Sample Program, but (as is clearly stated in the API documentation) it is not supported. Nor is it suitable for use on a production server—as illustrated by this list of critical tasks the Developer Sample Program cannot perform:

- It is not ‘feature complete’ (it is rudimentary sample code only)
- It is not supported by IBM
- It is not scalable nor efficient, thus rendering it unsuitable for enterprise use
- It does not capture file transfers
- It does not log images and emoticons in-line with chats
- It does not support periodic logging of long chats
- It does not provide encryption
- It is not integrated with Lotus Notes (it writes text files only)
- It does not include a flexible rules-based engine to automatically notify compliance officers according to pre-defined rules
- It does not tag chats containing pre-defined keywords

“Lotus Sametime Advanced only offers backup of the persistent chat database.  Lotus Sametime Advanced does not do archiving of non-persistent chats via the Sametime Community server.”
- Rob Ingram, Senior Product Manager, Lotus Sametime