Friday, March 27, 2009

Initial release of Archive Viewer for Microsoft OCS to support R2

We have delivered our first release of OCS Archive Viewer to support R2. The migration to OCS R2 was a bit more involved than we expected, but we have made the necessary changes to our UI and queries and things look like they are running well.

The LCSLog updates are complete and there are also some new tables to support – specifically for CDR maintenance.

We are waiting on customer feedback and expect to hear about deployment of the Archive Viewer starting on Monday.

The next release, after the R2 updates, will focus on performance related to our search and discovery queries as well as some more embedded support for Ajax and group chat.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

IMtegrity Web Overview

Instant IMtegrity provides server based chat archiving for Lotus Sametime servers.

IMtegrity installs a customized stchatlog.dll which replaces the standard stchatlog dll provided by Lotus and IBM.

The server based archives are stored in a Notes database that provides authenticated access, both a Notes and web based UI, and extensible inclusion and action rules.

IMtegrity 4.07 also supports the ability to archive file transfers.

Additional information is available on the IMtegrity site:

Team Session within Notes and Tear Offs

Another entry with the movie demonstrating the Team Sessions integration with Lotus Notes.

Team Sessions integrated within Lotus Notes

Here is the latest movie showing how our Instant Team Sessions client is integrated within the Lotus Sametime client - hosted within Lotus Notes.

Of course, our application is a Sametime plugin that is designed to work with Sametime 7.5 and Sametime 8.x

Lotus Sametime Disclaimer Application

Many our customers would like to enable disclaimer text to external parties via the gateway. We will use the Sametime Gateway SDK to enable this interation.

Our current login notification application works with the internal Sametime community and monitor all login events taking place on the Sametime community.

Useful Sametime Blog

here is a link to a useful Sametime blog:

Some useful information on Sametime, the Sametime APIs, etc...

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Native Archiving in Lotus Sametime Advanced

We've recently had a number of customers express confusion over the native archiving capabilities (or lack thereof) in Lotus Sametime Advanced. Hopefully the information below will clarify the issue.

Lotus Sametime Advanced does not include any native chat logging capabilities. IBM does offer a free Developer Sample Program, but (as is clearly stated in the API documentation) it is not supported. Nor is it suitable for use on a production server—as illustrated by this list of critical tasks the Developer Sample Program cannot perform:

- It is not ‘feature complete’ (it is rudimentary sample code only)
- It is not supported by IBM
- It is not scalable nor efficient, thus rendering it unsuitable for enterprise use
- It does not capture file transfers
- It does not log images and emoticons in-line with chats
- It does not support periodic logging of long chats
- It does not provide encryption
- It is not integrated with Lotus Notes (it writes text files only)
- It does not include a flexible rules-based engine to automatically notify compliance officers according to pre-defined rules
- It does not tag chats containing pre-defined keywords

“Lotus Sametime Advanced only offers backup of the persistent chat database.  Lotus Sametime Advanced does not do archiving of non-persistent chats via the Sametime Community server.”
- Rob Ingram, Senior Product Manager, Lotus Sametime