Friday, December 19, 2008

Upgrade from your existing Sametime archiving system to Instant IMtegrity Archives

Once could be an accident. Twice could be coincidence. But thrice is a trend.

We've had a number of customers come to us for help replacing their existing Sametime archiving system. We actually published a case study on one such project.

Simply put, no other archiving solution is as tightly integrated with Sametime. IMtegrity’s native Sametime design eliminates the need for additional proxy servers and external databases to deliver these key architectural benefits:

* IMtegrity is integrated with Sametime’s native chat logging facility
* IMtegrity uses familiar Lotus Domino data storage and system maintenance
* IMtegrity uses Notes .NSF as its data storage system to leverage existing access control lists, administrative policies, and training

We are offering competitive upgrade pricing to make it even easier to switch to Instant IMtegrity Archives - 25% off list price. For many companies, this means you can deploy IMtegrity for less than the cost of renewing support with your current vendor.

Check out the full press release for more details.