Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Why does the NFL love parity?

CNNSI's lead on last night's Giants-Browns recap was "You gotta love parity in the NFL."

(For the benefit of you non-football fans, a struggling Cleveland Browns team stomped a New York Giants team that many pundits described as the NFL's best.)

Why is it a good thing if, on 'any given Sunday', any team can fully expect to defeat any opponent? Parity is defined as equality, and to me that equals mediocrity. Why strive for excellence when merely being average gives you a fair shot at making the playoffs?

In software, parity is the mortal enemy of innovation. Google wouldn't have become Google if Larry Page and Sergey Brin had been satisfied merely to achieve equality with Yahoo, MSN, Ask.com, and all the other search engines they overtook.

Here at Instant, we live to innovate. We never stop seeking competitive advantages. We continually deliver clever new features to increase our lead over our competitors.

Other vendors might be satisfied with parity; we most certainly are not!