Monday, July 21, 2008

Our products embedded in IBM offerings

Persistent chat is a hot topic in enterprise IM. Instant, of course, has been a leading innovator in this space for quite some time - as evidenced by the fact that IBM has embedded two of our products (Instant Team Sessions and Instant IMtegrity Archives) in two of their offerings: Collaboration Core Enterprise Service (CCES), which they sell to military and government organizations; and SOA Foundation Accelerator (SOAF-A), which is mainly sold to enterprise.

Persistent chat adds permanance - and security and encryption - to the benefits of presence awareness and real-time communication of IM. In effect, persistent chat turns communication into collaboration by ensuring that chats and documents and content persist over time.

We recently published a solution brief that describes the value of persistent chat, including real-world usage examples. It also describes how IBM has bundled Instant products into their offerings. Download a copy of the brief here:

Posted by Dan.